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Good game.

What engine did you use? How did you make that shader

Made in GameMaker: Studio. The shader shifts colors based on proximity to light sources :)

Do you have a tutorial on how I can do that? I'm trying to broaden my horizon in shaders... Plus I wanna add something extra on a game I'm working on. I would highly appreciate the info.

Loved the game btw. I loved that it's a just a chill game about walking in the dark and just exploring.

really calming and chilled, the jump mechanic was really nice to use and it was such a sweet ending! i only wish that they could've been more of it! thank you so much :)

a very sweet game... I love the palette, I loved exploring, and I loved the duality of the game XDD wonderful and serene!

Amazing game. I enjoyed myself while playing it. Also very nice concept.

I absolutely LOVE this game!

I absolutely loved this little game. It was cute, relaxing, and a very enjoyable experience. Here's a video I made with some more details on it. 

adorable. fun little platformer with an interesting spirit mechanic, neat atmosphere, and lovely spooky music


Is it Roguelight by Daniel Linssen?

Certainly looks almost exactly like it.