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CodeDay: A Digital Diary

A short, quirky game inspired by our personal experience as mentors for CodeDay. Gain new insights as the students share their dreams and frustrations on digital art, video games, and social relationships. 

Game designed in collaboration with Omar Shehata.


CodeDay is a nationwide annual event that promotes creative collaboration between student artists, programmers, and musicians. The event is a fun way for high schoolers to get together, create games/apps, and learn new skills.

At 1am — when half the students are getting sleepy, and the other half are crackin’ open bottles of Monster — my friend and I decided to design a little video game ourselves. Inspired by the students we had met and worked with during the day, we began working on a game based on our experiences as mentors; a digital diary of our time at CodeDay.

Though we didn’t finish that night (the kids who drank Monster were bouncing off the walls), I later returned to the project and completed it. It encapsulates the quirky but thought-provoking atmosphere at the event.

Keyboard Controls

Arrow Keys — move

Spacebar — talk


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